Current World Population  Jesus died for all. (1 John 2:2) 


How to Schedule a Meeting

If you feel God could use me to share the vision and burden of reaching the lost to your church, please contact me. 

  1. Where I will go 
  2. What you can expect  
  3. How much it will cost 

 1. Where I will go

I am available to travel to preach and teach for churches and ministries that want to win souls and that teach sound Bible doctrine, including:

  1. Inerrancy of the Scriptures
  2. Deity of Christ
  3. The Trinity
  4. Salvation by grace through faith alone.
  5. Salvation is by Jesus alone, and all people (even good people) who are not saved will spend eternity in Hell.
2. What you can expect

I will preach to give your people a vision and make a commitment for the work of God in reaching the unsaved with the Gospel.

I will meet with you, your staff and your church board to get the big picture of God's Great Commission plan for the church. I will help you "reverse-engineer" the plan into small steps and processes to get you on your way.

When you follow through, I believe you will be preparing the way for perhaps the most fruitful ministry you have ever had.

No, it's not because I'm so great. It's because I'm committed to a plan that works, and that has been ignored by 95% of Bible believing churches.

3. How much it will cost

I have expenses that need to be covered, including:

  1. All transportation costs
    (Plane ticket or mileage, if within driving distance).
  2. Hotel with Internet connection
  3. All meals
  4. Any other expenses related to my ministry with you

I will do my best to keep costs down.

For International travel the following expenses will also apply:

  1. Cost of visa if applicable
  2. International Health Insurance (not expensive)

Of course, since I have to support my family and cover other expenses, I would need a love offering or honorarium.

Please contact me for more information, or to schedule a meeting.

Thank you.

Bob Sharpe