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Who Put the "SIN" in Sinclair?

Dr. Walter Wilson

 One time I was down in southern Kansas on the way to a meeting and I heard that peculiar, unhappy gurgle in the engine that told me I was out of gasoline. I was going about 60 miles an hour and I threw it out of gear and coasted. Then I said, "Holy Spirit, there may be somebody along this route who needs Christ. I will be glad if You will keep me going until I find that fellow." Do you know, I coasted about five miles into a Sinclair station. There was a door in the middle of the little building, and on one side were the letters "S-I-N." On the other side were of the door were the letters "C-L-A-I-R."

 A man came to the car window and said, "Can I fill her up for you?" I said, "Yes; but I want to know something. Who put the SIN in Sinclair, and how is he going to get rid of it?" He looked up and said, "Well, I swear! I never saw that before. But it isn’t the sin in Sinclair that is bothering me, it’s the sin inside of here."

He was just ready for the gospel, so I took out my Bible and led him to Christ through the window. The Lord let me run out of gas, because He knew I would never stop there otherwise, and He knew that fellow was in soul trouble.